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Muzaffarnagar relief camps – Living a Nightmare

With political mudslinging taking the centre stage even after the violence in muzaffarnagar and adjoining areas has calmed down, atleast on the surface, a look at one of the camps, Malakpur relief camp, reminds us of how disastrous a riot can be for thousands of innocent poor affected.… Read More

Is your brass guilt free?

Eight year old Shahzaad smiled at us when we asked him why he does not go to school. ‘Will you take care of my 7 siblings?’, he asked as he turned back to face the furnace to get back to work.… Read More

Half veiled truths!

Amidst dialogues on peace, human rights and dignity, freedom of choice and expression, it is important to remember, that all these will be rendered ineffectual until a large section of the world’s Population which has been subjugated for centuries under different false mantles is granted what it deserves.… Read More

Realizing Sachar – Time has come

More than five years have passed since the Sachar Committee Report was approved by the Union Cabinet but like the fate of many other ambitious committees and their recommendations, this one is also drifting away into the shackles of slumber.… Read More